At the Azure Shores Rehabilitation & Care Center, our care and services staff regularly answers questions from friends and family members of people who can no longer live independently. The most popular among them is how to pick the right nursing home.

Whether you’re signing them up for a short-term commitment or long-term care, putting aside time to research and look for genuine client reviews is essential. In this explainer, our experts will outline how to look for a senior care facility that will match the individual needs of your family member or disabled patient. Here are three things to consider when looking for an assisted living facility.

The Size and Location of a Nursing Center

Most patients want to live independently for as long as possible, but if it stops being safe for them, they want to be as near to their family and friends as possible to maintain that semblance of home.

Mental health and social belongingness are aspects of long-term care we take seriously at Azure Shores Rehabilitation & Care Center. These factors could dictate how well they will adjust to their new setting.

All patients have unique personalities and interests, and the size and location of their nursing center will depend on their needs. Evaluate the following:

  • Is your patient outgoing and social? They might benefit from a mid-sized nursing home with many club activities.
  • Is your patient quiet and introverted? They might like homes that support smaller-scale and more solitary hobbies, like gardening and book clubs.
  • Does your patient like physical activity? They could prefer facilities with a larger land footprint, so they can walk around or engage in light sports.

Finding a Senior Care Center with the Right Services

Many senior and disabled patients find everyday activities challenging, such as going to the bathroom, walking from one area to another, or focusing on one task for an extended time.

A good nursing home bases its decision-making on weekly meals, the formation of new clubs, and the procurement of new equipment, with input from its residents. Finding a long-term care center that can cater to individualized needs is crucial, which is why an in-person visit is essential before finalizing decisions.

Finding Assisted Living Facilities with the Right Staff

Nursing home staff must uphold the health care standards of the facility while maintaining a respectful, warm, and polite relationship with their residents. Check for these things when evaluating staff:

  • An RN must be present in the facility at least eight hours per day
  • Staff members must have access to training programs and continuing education
  • Administrators must not hire professionals with a poor record in the local nurse aide registry

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